October Update

Creating comes in ebbs and flows for me. My life has changed a lot in the last few months, and my creative juices have changed right along with it.

I never did finish that dress. I started a few more, I started some other things, no finished clothing items to report. I seem to be getting hung up on rigging, which i know is going to be an intricate and complicated process to learn considering everything I have tried so far doesn’t come close to working correctly – would help to have a mentor! But I think I’ll be saving this specific task for a time when I have a few days to really sit down and think it through.

Undoubtably Avastar has helped a TON, but the dresses still get messy when you walk (the split of the legs) and when you sit in the torso.

However, I did finish making a wooden chest with a quilt flowing from it – my Torvie Chest.

My big victory with that project was simply the texturing. The meshing was easy enough, but finally being satisfied with a texture was a great step.

I put meshing on the back burner to start creating Zooby Baby Clothing.I found it quite interesting, the massive building kit they give you for texturing and scripting the clothing. The only thing I’m a bit disgruntled about is that each item sold needs its own script, which you must purchase and resell – so you cannot leave your clothing unattended to sell indefinitely.

But alas I’ve yet to finish a product for Zooby yet either. Perhaps when I do I’ll write up a comprehensive tutorial, as its been hard to find one and its not so bad once you get some questions answered that aren’t in the builders kit. I was lucky enough to find a mentor for this specific creation type. Photoshop isn’t my strong suit, which is really the only tool Zooby clothes relies on, so I’m sharpening my skills there. Will help in any project, really.

So as it seems I’m in a bit of a creative rut. Not only are my projects being dragged along behind me, but so has my role play. I think it would do me well to begin writing on here to get the juices flowing again and dream up some conflicts and adventures that I can set off on my own.

I struggle with my blog being a bit bipolar. Creating, writing, ranting.. maybe some other twists eventually. But isn’t that what blogs are for? This is my Second Life, so I’m just going to record it like a little scribe and enjoy it all the same.


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