A Breakthrough! Importing the dress.

I have spent weeks now toying with learning blender and creating my mesh. This has gotten incredibly easier. Its true that you just need to throw yourself into the fire. Every time I couldn’t figure something out, or suspected I could be doing something easier, I looked it up. Searching and applying for information made things stick, and made things easier each day.

I got to a place where I thought “This is passable. Lets move on.” I am skipping texturing for now because that hands down seems like the hardest part to me – and will make or break my dress.

I skipped to rigging just so that i could quickly import it into second life and see if there were things i needed to change as far as the shape goes. Avastar makes it really easy to apply weights.

This is the video I watched before I tried. I didn’t do all of the painting, I simply applied the weights just as they were and then exported since I knew this was a test. I’ll have to go back and paint the weights more appropriately soon:

I suppose I should explain that I’m making a maternity dress. Probably a more advanced shape to tackle as my first project – but its something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m involved in Gorean role play ( Hamrar Village if you want to come play 😉 ), and it can be hard to find clothing to match the story. Especially maternity that is modest and time period appropriate.

This dress will eventually be packaged as three different dresses for three different sizes of belly growth. First, I wanted to make the largest size since it is the easiest to visualize.

I can’t even describe the feeling when I imported and this MOVING, TWISTING, FITTED dress appeared.


Look at the way it moves when she kicks her legs back! Its far from perfect. The belly still needs some shaping and so do the breasts. The belly collapses strangely when she sits, but for the most part… this is NEARLY COMPLETE.

This was a very special moment for me. About 5,6 years ago I ordered a book on Blender and knew I wanted to do this. Its been a long time coming. I’ve been through art school and then lost the part of me that cared about art. I feel like I’ve got that back in this 3D work.

The other day I just sat on Bryn Oh’s blog admiring her work. If you don’t know who she is or are familiar with her work – PLEASE go in world to her exhibits. It is the most beautiful and immersive story telling experience. It will take you on one heck of a ride. Right now, ‘Obedience’ is open – here is the SLURL.

Anyway, its great to see people who approach this as a real world art. Its awesome to think of it yourself as an art while you do it. Art has always been a meditative and enlightening experience for me. I think this small little breakthrough has let that resurface for me.

So excited to keep things moving, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this dress!


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