The Haitus Ends

No matter what, it always happens. I’m really into something and then it just drops unexpectedly and I don’t come back for months. But I come back! And I’m grateful to have recorded the very small but important gains I made months ago so that I can start again right where I left off.

Second Life is tricky. Its the friendships that keep it worth signing in. Ya lose that, then the game is over.

Luckily I’ve found a new nest for myself, and I hope to give this project the attention that both it and I need.

Time to re-watch those videos and get back on track!


Learning a new program is incredibly confusing!

I want to remember this feeling of being completely clueless. Mostly because I want to gauge my progress but I also want to be a resource for others. I am starting off in the creation world of Second Life without a single clue. Literally, I just downloaded blender 5 minutes ago.

I’ve scanned a ton of websites, all with tutorials on how to mesh from years ago (and we know how much technology has changed in such a small time) and up to the present, which really depends on some of those techniques that are touched upon a while back.

I’m going to try my hardest to make note of every resource I study that brings me closer to achieving the ultimate goal of clothing mesh creation. Established creators can make great tutorials, but they often take for granted some of the skills they’ve learned and leave them out for beginners. Well, that’s what I hope to fix.

I’ll never claim to know everything there is to know, but if I am able to become successful at this skill, it would be great if people were able to start at my day one and see the exact steps I took to get where I am.

Hold on tight, I sure as hell am.

– Deli