I tested 144 Catwa Mesh Head & L’Etre Skin demo combos so you don’t have to!

That’s right. 18 heads and 8 skins. Every combination. All in one photo.

You’re not the only one who is exhausted by trying combination after combination, taking gayazos to remember your favorites, attempting to compare them side by side, and not remembering which skin is which. Don’t worry girl, I got you.

While on the hunt for my own new mesh head I thought I’d help you (and me!) out by taking a photo of a handful of head and skin demos. It’s only one head store and one skin store – but its a start!

Which one is your favorite?

* This is not every Catwa head nor every L’Etre skin.

* I did not even open the HUD when trying on these heads. These demos are straight out of the box. I fidgeted with the mesh eyes to make them look acceptable, but they are by no means perfect. I did not attempt to match the head and body skin. 


Catwa Heads
L’Etre Skin


Body – Maitreya Lara
Eyes – IKON Sovereign Eyes – Oxidation
Hair – little bones – purr

Click to make this chart bigger!

mesh heads chart.jpg

So which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!


Testing Mesh Head Demos

The next step in my second life body evolution was to figure out mesh heads. I’ve been seeing them everywhere. Every time I saw an avatar who struck me as exceptionally beautiful it turned out she was sporting a mesh head.

To those landing on this page who are not aware of what a mesh head is : In short, you are able to make the standard Second Life head invisible and place a user created mesh head in its place. Why? They allow a much more natural shape, and lighting creates more natural shadowing in the features.

I like to be a little bit exhaustive in my research – especially for items that are going to cost me a few thousand Lindens. So I set out to get my hands on just about every mesh head demo out there. It helped me to take a photo so that I could compare side by side, and I thought it might help you all as well.

Now for the terms and conditions.

  • These demo heads are right out of the box. Meaning I popped them on and took a photo. I did not spend time messing with their options to see their full capability. I know there are downsides to this as these appearances can drastically change. I just wanted first impressions.
  • For all of the heads that did not come with a shape, I used my own shape and did not edit it.
  • I used mesh eyes in a lot of these demos, and you will see that not all of them are perfectly placed.
  • I didn’t take time to match skin tones to my body.
  • My mesh body glitched mid shoot and you’ll see i went from mesh to non mesh.
  • These are not all of the mesh heads that exist, but a lot of them.
  • All of these are separate options for purchase – except for EVE. The three skins shown are all included in the one mesh head for EVE.

Normal - No Mesh_001_001

This is regular me, no mesh head.

CATWA annie_001 CATWA jessica_001 EVE skin one_001 EVE skin two_001EVE skin three_001 FIORE angeled toni_001 FIORE angelic toni_001 FIORE contoured toni_001 FIORE precious toni_001 FIORE soft toni_001 FIORE angeled aylah_001 FIORE angelic aylah_001   FIORE contoured aylah_001 FIORE precious aylah_001 FIORE soft aylah_001 GA.EG kirsten_001 GENESIS amber_001 GENESIS annie_002 GENESIS marie_001 GENESIS nicole_001 GENESIS olivia_001 GENESIS suzy_001 LELUTKA aria_001 LELUTKA ever_001 LELUTKA karin_001 LELUTKA leda_001 LELUTKA lotte_001 LELUTKA simone_001 LELUTKA stella_001 LOGO alex_001 LOGO chloe_001 LOGO sadie_001  PUMEC elise_001 PUMEC lucy_001 PUMEC melina_001 PUMEC sydney_001 SLINK becky_001 SLINK emma_001 SNOW RABBIT nea_001 TSG dakota_001 TSG mimi_001 TSG mizu_001 VCO anna_001 VCO bambi_001 VCO rania_001 VCO risa_001 VCO tia_001 VCO yomi_001

Row One: CATWA Annie, CATWA Jessica, EVE (Skin one), EVE (Skin two)

Row Two: EVE (Skin three), FIORE (angled, Toni)FIORE (angelic, Toni)FIORE (contoured, Toni)

Row Three: FIORE (precious, Toni)FIORE (soft, Toni), FIORE (angled, Aylah)FIORE (angelic, Aylah)

Row Four: FIORE (contoured, Aylah)FIORE (precious, Aylah)FIORE (soft, Aylah)GA.EG Kirsten




Row Eight: LELUTKA StellaLOGO AlexLOGO ChloeLOGO Sadie

Row Nine: PUMEC ElisePUMEC LucyPUMEC MelinaPUMEC Sydney

Row Ten: SLINK BeckySLINK EmmaSNOW RABBIT Nea, TSG Dakota,

Row Eleven: TSG MimiTSG MizuVCO Anna, VCO Bambi

Row Twelve: VCO RaniaVCO RisaVCO TiaVCO Yomi

So, I went with EVE for a few reasons. It was one of my favorite shapes, and right now it is also in its Beta phase. So it is only $850 Ls and I’m actually quite interested to see the evolution of it. For my first mesh head I thought this was a solid choice!


I hope this helps visual people like myself narrow down the pool! Enjoy!