Testing Mesh Head Demos

The next step in my second life body evolution was to figure out mesh heads. I’ve been seeing them everywhere. Every time I saw an avatar who struck me as exceptionally beautiful it turned out she was sporting a mesh head.

To those landing on this page who are not aware of what a mesh head is : In short, you are able to make the standard Second Life head invisible and place a user created mesh head in its place. Why? They allow a much more natural shape, and lighting creates more natural shadowing in the features.

I like to be a little bit exhaustive in my research – especially for items that are going to cost me a few thousand Lindens. So I set out to get my hands on just about every mesh head demo out there. It helped me to take a photo so that I could compare side by side, and I thought it might help you all as well.

Now for the terms and conditions.

  • These demo heads are right out of the box. Meaning I popped them on and took a photo. I did not spend time messing with their options to see their full capability. I know there are downsides to this as these appearances can drastically change. I just wanted first impressions.
  • For all of the heads that did not come with a shape, I used my own shape and did not edit it.
  • I used mesh eyes in a lot of these demos, and you will see that not all of them are perfectly placed.
  • I didn’t take time to match skin tones to my body.
  • My mesh body glitched mid shoot and you’ll see i went from mesh to non mesh.
  • These are not all of the mesh heads that exist, but a lot of them.
  • All of these are separate options for purchase – except for EVE. The three skins shown are all included in the one mesh head for EVE.

Normal - No Mesh_001_001

This is regular me, no mesh head.

CATWA annie_001 CATWA jessica_001 EVE skin one_001 EVE skin two_001EVE skin three_001 FIORE angeled toni_001 FIORE angelic toni_001 FIORE contoured toni_001 FIORE precious toni_001 FIORE soft toni_001 FIORE angeled aylah_001 FIORE angelic aylah_001   FIORE contoured aylah_001 FIORE precious aylah_001 FIORE soft aylah_001 GA.EG kirsten_001 GENESIS amber_001 GENESIS annie_002 GENESIS marie_001 GENESIS nicole_001 GENESIS olivia_001 GENESIS suzy_001 LELUTKA aria_001 LELUTKA ever_001 LELUTKA karin_001 LELUTKA leda_001 LELUTKA lotte_001 LELUTKA simone_001 LELUTKA stella_001 LOGO alex_001 LOGO chloe_001 LOGO sadie_001  PUMEC elise_001 PUMEC lucy_001 PUMEC melina_001 PUMEC sydney_001 SLINK becky_001 SLINK emma_001 SNOW RABBIT nea_001 TSG dakota_001 TSG mimi_001 TSG mizu_001 VCO anna_001 VCO bambi_001 VCO rania_001 VCO risa_001 VCO tia_001 VCO yomi_001

Row One: CATWA Annie, CATWA Jessica, EVE (Skin one), EVE (Skin two)

Row Two: EVE (Skin three), FIORE (angled, Toni)FIORE (angelic, Toni)FIORE (contoured, Toni)

Row Three: FIORE (precious, Toni)FIORE (soft, Toni), FIORE (angled, Aylah)FIORE (angelic, Aylah)

Row Four: FIORE (contoured, Aylah)FIORE (precious, Aylah)FIORE (soft, Aylah)GA.EG Kirsten




Row Eight: LELUTKA StellaLOGO AlexLOGO ChloeLOGO Sadie

Row Nine: PUMEC ElisePUMEC LucyPUMEC MelinaPUMEC Sydney

Row Ten: SLINK BeckySLINK EmmaSNOW RABBIT Nea, TSG Dakota,

Row Eleven: TSG MimiTSG MizuVCO Anna, VCO Bambi

Row Twelve: VCO RaniaVCO RisaVCO TiaVCO Yomi

So, I went with EVE for a few reasons. It was one of my favorite shapes, and right now it is also in its Beta phase. So it is only $850 Ls and I’m actually quite interested to see the evolution of it. For my first mesh head I thought this was a solid choice!


I hope this helps visual people like myself narrow down the pool! Enjoy!



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