Repeat after me: You must learn a program before you master the skill it is made for!

Just a quick update here to remind myself in the future, and anyone else ready to hop into working with blender for second life – learning the program is mandatory! I’m intensely glad I didn’t just hop into Blender and set off to make my first item of clothing for second life. I’m sure something would have been made but a) I’m sure it would have been countless frustrated hours doing things I could have done in 2 minutes and b) the items would have just been plain bad.

I’m 10 lessons into BornCG’s video’s on YouTube. This man is amazing! The videos move quickly and I’ve learned so much in these past four days I can’t even imagine what I was thinking before. I even made a bunny!

Right now there are 49 lessons in the series, and he keeps them coming! The last one was uploaded 2 weeks ago. I am beyond thrilled to basically have an ongoing class to keep up my skill.

Many of these lessons don’t directly apply to what I’m trying to do. Adding fonts to the scene right now are not really that important. But I may need them someday (hopefully for a virtual storefront!) and learning more about the program as a whole is helping a ton. Imagine a world where we know what all of the buttons in blender do! eeee.

I’m very tempted, with all of my new knowledge, to just put it to the test. But I see lessons 35+ are about rigging and bones, which I know is going to be important to what I want to do. Those videos are based around minecraft, but I hope they’ll be useful for second life – we shall see!

I’m going to keep plugging away and maybe make some noob items to fill my little world before I head mouse first into clothing.

The fire is lit! Now I just have to keep it going long enough to complete the first item I’m proud of.

Here’s a link again to the videos! 


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