Big differences from Blender 2.48 to 2.70! (Hindsight Duh)

The main recommendation here for getting started in Blender for Second Life is downloading Avatar Workbench. So that’s just what I set out to do, but when I got there I realized there were quite a few versions to line up with Blender versions. As we discussed in the last post, we want to stick with Classic Rigging instead of Fitted Mesh Rigging for the time being. The furthest back that avatar workbench offers is for Blender 2.49, which likely would have worked with 2.48, but it made me a little weary.

Learning on old technology may be easier, because the technology is simpler. It just gets more advanced as the versions go along. But there’s no use in learning how to play the guitar on a ukulele when a guitar is just as readily available – even if it is a little more cumbersome.

So, I deleted the old Blender and downloaded 2.72. I then downloaded the newest Avatar Workbench (which was for 2.71, but still works) and opened it up.


Its like we opened a whole new program. Some of the basic features are available here, that we learned in CannedMushroom’s videos. But the vast majority of what I see on my screen is simply terrifying. So without hesitation I bolted to YouTube to find an updated blender tutorial. And thank goodness it exists.

BornCG on youtube has a new series for fully new users to understand the Blender 2.7 series. While I’ve only listened to his ‘course’ introduction, I think this is going to be a good place to start for learning blender at our current version.

There are 34 lovely new videos that I can’t wait to start on! Thennnn I’ll be able to hop back to the Avatar Workbench and understand it a bit better – and hopefully be able to touch it!

34 Videos will take me a while (especially this time of year), so if I don’t see you before then, Happy Holidays and a Merry 2015!


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