Learning Blender : The First 10 Lessons

Don’t worry, I’m still at it. Slowly as ever with the holidays knocking on my door – but I’ve got 10 lessons down. A million more to go? I have to say, I have made a few attempts before at learning Blender. About 6 years ago I even bought a book, but it wasn’t the right kind of instruction. I just jumped right into Clothing Mesh and failed. Or, lost motivation. I can safely say I have learned more in these 10 videos about the practice than ever before.

But I do have to say it gets a bit boring. I came across this issue when I was learning to play the guitar as a kid. The music teachers books can be sooo mundane. I nearly dropped the lessons, but it saved my passion to start learning songs that I actually liked.

SO. While I still obviously don’t know everything of what blender has to offer, I might as well get started on learning how to set up Blender for second life clothing creation, which means finding a skeleton. I need to keep the fire alive!!

Clothing in Second Life has evolved drastically. Those prims that float around everywhere, can’t stand them. And those were even more advanced than the dawn of SL clothing with the painted on looks. I know about mesh clothing. But I thought there might be more to it. What is fitted mesh? What are the standard sizes (s,m,l,xl ect) that are in some clothing packages. What should I be making?

I hopped onto the SL Forums and asked my question here.

As I posted for clarification.. it seems as though fitted mesh (one mesh that resizes to fit all avatar shapes when put on) is the ‘newest thing’ but its very hard to get right. So it may be wise to start with standard sizes (which means just making many different size meshes, so that “all” avatars are accounted for). I’m not sure. I think I need to just worry about making ANYTHING on an avatar skeleton at this point, and going from there. I may be getting ahead of myself.

So that’s where I need to start. Downloading skeletons, importing them. Nothing seems right yet. But that’st what I’m up to. When I figure out the perfect recipe to get things started, you know where to find it.


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